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Is there way to add a mouse over tool tip to a p:schedule event?



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Did you mean a primeFaces Growl, or tooltip? Tooltip is used generally for components that have the TITLE attribute, to show a tooltip on generally mouse over. You cannot add a tool tip to an event but to likely a component like : a <p:commandButton or a <p:graphicImage ..etc for events, you'd better use <p:growl />.

Example :

<p:growl id="mygrowl" global="true" />

<p:commandButton actionListener="#{myBean.MyActionListener}" update="mygrowl" />.

Just see if <p:schedule /> has an eventlistener attribute.

If you want to make sure : Add between the

<p:tooltip global="true" />
 <p:growl showDetail="false" showSummary="true" id="globalgrowl" life="3000"/>


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I have tried to add tooltip to p:schedule but it didn't worked. so is it a limitation of primefaces for schedule component? –  Java Sep 26 '12 at 12:27

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