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I would like to change the text of the autogenerated "select" column in an ASP.NET GridView control. The text needs to be changed to the value of a DataField.

I suspect that there is a very logical way to do this but I am missing it. I am able to add controls and data via the pre-render event but is there an easier better way?

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Use the TemplateField and place into it buttons or linkbuttons with appropriate CommandName property: ButtonField.CommandName Property You may set this button text using DataBinder.Eval method.

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The easiest way I found to do this is after the calling DataBind() just before the gridview control is displayed.

        foreach (GridViewRow row in gvAgreementList.Rows)
            LinkButton lb = (LinkButton) row.Cells[0].Controls[0];
            lb.Text = "Edit";
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thank you dear BMASolutions, i use this (2 line into loop) in my solution in event GridView_RowDataBound. – Zolfaghari Feb 3 at 16:16

Edited answer of ShaileshK with some changes:

First remove auto generated select then go to GridView tasks.. top right Button of GridView and then click on commandfields -> Select then edit SelectText.

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This was the easiest way. Thanks. – kad81 Nov 3 '13 at 3:48

after <column> write this:

<asp:CommandField ShowSelectButton="True" SelectText="Save" />

and remove AutoGenerateSelectButton="True" from Gridview attribute.

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Go to GridVIew tasks.. top right Button of GridView and then click on edit columns In selected fields section Click on select field. change the value of select text. done.

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