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I want to simplify installation of the app on Linux system, to make it sort of one click. To do that I hope to combine bash script with compressed tar.

So I have install.sh and some_app.tar.gz files.

Then I have an Ant task that does this:

cat install.sh some_app.tar.gz > some_app.exe

In short, file reads itself, decompresses tarball and extracts files and changes permissions.

When I run install.sh separately it works fine, but once I run some_app.exe it fails with the following error:

/some_app.exe: line 4: Binary file (standard input) matches + 1: arithmetic syntax error

So I wonder if text can be combined with binary?

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Perfectly feasible.

Example: http://www.stuartwells.net/slides/selfextract.htm

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What you are looking for are Bash Self-Extracting Tar files.

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Already done :P ... http://megastep.org/makeself/

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