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I have an existing Paperclip setup that converts all uploaded images to JPG's. However, I've noticed that PNG's and GIF's uploaded and converted to JPG's end up with a strange colors and some kind of in-versing effect. I know JPG's don't support transparency, but I've recently found the need to accept PNG's and GIF's and not convert them to JPG...

My current config:

has_attached_file :icon,
                  :styles => { :featured => ["330x90>", :jpg], :thumb => ["48x48>", :jpg] },
                  :convert_options => { :all => "-quality 95" },
                  :path => "media/nation_apps/content_sources/:id/icon_:style.:extension"

When I removed the :jpg key it broke all existing uploads. How can I change my paperclip setup to not force JPG conversion but still work with all of my previously uploaded attachments?

Any help would be much appreciated!

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Try changing the key then using

rake paperclip:refresh CLASS=User

Which will regenerate all your images. Make sure you replace the class with the correct one for your app. See this link on thumbnail generation for more info.

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