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I mainly develop Java EE webapps so I don't have any experiences with desktop application at all. Now a friend of mine needed a little tool for daily business which I've build with Seam and a MySQL db in the background. In case of my experience this was done really fast.

Now I want to go further and produce a real small desktop app for him. I've looked at various options and developing a gtk# application with Mono seems my way to go for this little project. The application should be small and fast so I was thinking if a whole MySQL server is needed for my solution here.

What options I could evaluate instead of a database server which has to run as a service on the workingmachine? Storing data as XML?

To clarify the application has now 6 entites (Products, ProductTypes, Colors, Sizes, Orders, Production). On daily basis orders and production are added to a ProductType, very simple stuff.

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Take a look at SQLite. –  Michael Todd Jun 3 '11 at 20:46

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XML would work for small sets up data, but if you are going to have larger sets I would recommend something like sqlite.


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Ok, well I don't bother with XML then. I'll look if I need an ORM for this little project (NHibnerate or somethingelse) or if some basic sql statements would be enough. –  onigunn Jun 3 '11 at 20:56

I have looked at various options and I tend to like SQLite

for client applications on .NET. It is a file based solution that does not require a database server to be installed on the machine, much like using an Access database but better.

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Try SQLite

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Can be other DB will interest, for example, Db4o or SQL CE 4.

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I'll look into Db40 too. Thanks Dmitry –  onigunn Jun 3 '11 at 22:36

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