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I was wondering if anyone could help me get started or pointed in the right direction. I'm looking to make a simple driving game using core animation. I'm a pretty good obj-c programmer, but when it comes to movement and math, I fail. I want a steering wheel to control the direction of the car, and a forward/backward to control acceleration & deceleration. If anyone can help me with the steering wheel code, I would be greatly appreciated! So basically I need help making a circle that can rotate with 1 finger drag, and i'll pass it's transform values to my car view ( i think i can handle the accel/deccel code) Any takers? :) Also, I have 2 invites for to give away, anyone who helps me, id be glad to give one out to.

grady, totowtwo, thanks for both your answers, I appreciate it. I;ve gotten to the point where I can rotate a "steering wheel" and it will rotate my "car", I also got it to move forwards and backwards. Just need to moving to be more realistic... Here is a link to the xCode project,, kept it very simple so if anyone looks at it - it will be easy to change / add code. So, if anyones wants to look at it,and help me make the movement more realistic, i'd be forever in your debt! :) thanks!

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Could you share your steering wheel code? – dev6546 Jun 30 '12 at 2:09

A starting point would be to recognize that a typical car steering wheel has 900 degrees of movement, whether you want that for the finger wheel or not is a design decision. The wheels in a car typically point about 30 degrees off +z at maximum rotation of the wheel. You could use a simple linear transformation from steering wheel angle to wheel angle.

From there, Car delta angle is a function of wheel angle times forward distance. As the car moves forward, you can imagine tracing the tangent of a circle with an infinite radius when you are pointing straight ahead, and a circle of smaller radius (~4x car length) when steering wheel is full tilt.

Of course, feel free to discard the design rules of typical vehicles. Give your users fun drive trains like holonomic robots have!

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I am no expert but you could probably do something like:

CGPoint centerOfWheel;
CGPoint currentTouchPoint;
float radians = atan2(currentTouchPoint.x-centerOfWheel.x, currentTouchPoint.y-centerOfWheel.y);

then apply the transformation to the wheel ... of course you will want to make the transformations cumulative on the view over a distance, as continued turning of the wheel will result in continued turning.

also to make it feel more real, and less responsive you may want to use a lesser degree of turn, so that turning the wheel in once circle doesn't result in a whole circle turn of the vehicle. you will have to play around.

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