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i'm new to weld. I'm setup a seam 3 project war packaged. I want to discover picketlink security management and in order to test his various mamanger (after setup the database and entity classes) i've created a controller (TestAction class) so:

public  class TestAction implements Serializable{
  private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

  PersistenceManager persistenceManager;

  public void createUser() throws IdentityException


My env is jboss 6 final.

On startup i got:

WELD-001408 Unsatisfied dependencies for type [PersistenceManager] with qualifiers
[@Any] at enter injection point [[field] @Inject @Any

PersistenceManager is an interface with a concrete class with a parameter (IdentitySesionImpl)

How can i Inject PersistenceManager? What is the meaning of WELD-001408?


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I'm not sure to understand. do you want to use JPA persistence Manager or is it a class you created by your own ?

If it's a JPA persistence manager, you don't have to provide an implementation but to configure JPA in persistence.xml file.

If it's you interface and class, I encourage you to change their names beacause they are quite confusing. And you should check if your implementation is a valid CDI Bean : concrete class with no constructor or at least a default constructor without parameters.

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