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How can i get access token for searching venues in foursquare.

From this gem, to fetch venues.

 venue = Foursquare::Venue.new(access_token) 
 venue.search({:ll => "37.792694,-122.409325"})

and from foursquare API.


Obtain an access token

There are three general ways to use the new API.

Web server application

 (PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python, Java, Scala, etc.)
 Redirect users who wish to authenticate to

etc etc.. other 3 methods of getting token.

But why i need token for searching venues. I just want to search venues.

PS: Basically I am developing a application and for that I need venues and Thats y i need foursquare api. ALL I want is venues and its tips, tags etc, nothing related to User's data on foursquare

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I think you should take a look on

foursquare Venues Project (beta)

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