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I have approximately 2000 images with QR codes in them, each representing exactly one letter. Does anyone know a good open source framework in Java (Java prefered, but any other language is fine, too) to decode them?

I have only found shareware frameworks and web services that won't allow me to upload 2000 images to their server.

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Android has the "Barcode Scanner" app that can handle QR codes. The source code is available here. Being Android, it's written in Java (although using the Android API rather than J2SE, but that it should be trivial to port the part of the source that decodes the QR code).

I'm not sure about the licensing, you may want to check with ZXing before you help yourself to their code and use it in your own project.

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Looks like it's already coded to support either JavaSE or Android. –  Lawrence Dol Jun 3 '11 at 23:43
thanks, I finally ended up using which worked great for me. –  dschihejns Jun 3 '11 at 23:58

ZXing is the de facto standard. It has pure Java bindings and a web server you can run. Look in zxingorg/ or try it at

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