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I created an array of PictureBox objects in my code like so:

        PictureBox[] picturbox = new PictureBox[100];

Then I have this in Form's load code:

    picturbox[1] = new PictureBox();
    picturbox[1].Image = Properties.Resources.img1;
    picturbox[1].Visible = true;
    picturbox[1].Location = new Point(0, 0);
    this.Size = new Size(800, 600);
    picturbox[1].Size = new Size(800, 600);

However, the PictureBox does not appear on the Form. When I do exact same command with PictureBox that was created by Drag & Drop, it works just fine.

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You need to add the pictureBox to the Form:

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You need to add each PictureBox to the form's Controls.

foreach(var box in picturbox)
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If you did not add picture box, check the InitializeComponent(); method. It is positioned at the top of the code.

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This works just as well:


For a collection that isn't an array use this:

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