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How can I set the umask from within java?

How do you set file permissions to 777(or any other arbitrary permission) while creating a file object in java?

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In JDK7 you can use Files.setPosixFilePermissions to change the file permissions to whatever you want. If you need the permissions set atomically when creating the file then you can do that too. – Alan Jun 7 '11 at 13:14

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If you set the umask(2) to 0 before starting the JVM, all files and directories created will be created with full permissions for everyone. This is probably a bad idea.

You can use the File.setReadable(), File.setWritable APIs to fiddle with the mode bits after the file has been created. That's often good enough, if you're granting permissions; if you're trying to remove permissions from other users, then your permissions should probably be set very restrictively from the start. (umask(0777) before launching the JVM, then add permissions exactly where you want them.)

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Java SE 7 has java.nio.file.attribute.PosixFileAttributes which probably does something.

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3 methods are available:

setReadalble(boolean boolean)

This will set the file to "0777"

String path = "SOME/PATH";

final File file = new File(path);
file.setReadable(true, false);
file.setExecutable(true, false);
file.setWritable(true, false);
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it is not working for me..can u help? – Bhavik Patel Jun 7 at 7:18

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