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On the local machine it is no problem to get the revision number of a subversion repository with svnversion. Now I want to get the revision number from my online repository (WebDAV with Apache2).

I tried this:

svnversion http://nick:password@www.myhost.de/svn/test`

In a browser it worked as usual (just to ensure there weren't typos or so), but svnversion said that the directory cannot be found. So I presume I was on the wrong track.

How can I get the revision number?

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svnversion is just for working copies, but one way to query your repository would be to use svn info as follows:

svn info http://nick:password@www.myhost.de/svn | grep Revision
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On Linux, if you want just the revision number:

svn info http://nick:password@www.myhost.de/svn/test | grep '^Revision:' | awk '{print $2}'

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svn info http://nick:password@www.myhost.de/svn/test

should return information about the remote repository, including Revision

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A handy AWK one-liner to get only the number portion:

svn info http://nick:password@www.myhost.de/svn | awk '/Revision:/ { print $2 }'
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