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If I have a sprite in a NSMutableArray of sprites in Cocos2d and need to access the x and y values of a specific sprite how can I do that?

[array objectAtIndex:0].position.y // or .x for x value

doesn't work when trying to access the element of y from a specific sprite in the array. But, I can not think of any other way to get either the x or y value of a CCSprite. How can I get the x and y values of NSMutableArray containing CCSprites?

(And I can't find any getX or getY methods either in the doc...)

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You need to cast the value returned by -[NSArray objectAtIndex:] so the compiler knows it’s a CCSprite * object:

((CCSprite *)[array objectAtIndex:0]).position.y;

Alternatively, you could store the return value in a CCSprite * variable:

CCSprite *sprite = [array objectAtIndex:0];

and then use this variable to obtain the corresponding position:

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