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According to naming conventions, which one is recommenced?

* WorkspaceViewModelFactory
* WorkspaceVMFactory
* WorkspaceViewModel_Factory
* WorkspaceVM_Factory
* Workspace_ViewModel_Factory
* Workspace_VM_Factory

In case that matters: I'm a hobbyist programmer, I'm the only one who has to read my code.

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The first one WorkspaceViewModelFactory.

Quote #1 from Capitalization Conventions

When an identifier consists of multiple words, do not use separators, such as underscores ("_") or hyphens ("-"), between words. Instead, use casing to indicate the beginning of each word.

This rules out all the options that have _.

Quote #2 from General Naming Conventions

In general, you should not use abbreviations or acronyms. These make your names less readable. Similarly, it is difficult to know when it is safe to assume that an acronym is widely recognized.

This rules out all the options that have VM in the name and leaves just one clear option WorkspaceViewModelFactory.

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Thanks for your quick and detailed answer! – user593358 Jun 4 '11 at 0:52

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