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I'm interested in creating a custom rule based on CA2000 "Dispose Objects BeforeLosing Scope" in my ASP.Net web project that doesn't apply to objects that are a descendant of System.Web.UI.Control. The reason for this is because calling dispose on web controls doesn't really make sense (see here and here for examples).

Is there a way for me to create a custom rule based on an existing FxCop rule? Or is there a way to get the code for that rule, that I could then tweak to check the type of the object?

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Here are some starting points for you.



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While that's useful, I've already looked into and have started writing my own FxCop custom rules. The issue here is that I don't want to fully reinvent the wheel, as there exists a built-in rule (CA2000) that is very close to what I want. I'm sure if I attempted to recreate it from scratch, I would do it poorly and probably incorrectly. I would instead like to start with the existing rule and modify it for my project. –  Moskie Jun 4 '11 at 4:18

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