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Forgive me if this has been asked/answered already but I couldn't find it anywhere (at least no in Monotouch - vaguely answer for ObjC. So completely new to Monotouch but I have everything completed in my application that I want with one exception. I'm trying to update a parent of a subview.

Here is the scenario:

I have a UINavigationController with a UIView (not a table) which has a few buttons on it that directs via a PushViewController to a Subview. I make some changes on the subview, which I would like reflected back on the parent. I can of course add a manual refresh button if I wanted but was looking for something a little better.

I did see some things that referred to using a viewWillAppear but couldn't find any good examples. My attempts failed pretty bad, so any suggestions would be great.



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If you have a UINavigationController, it has a "back" button on top. Once this is hit by the user (or if you pop to a previous view controller), the currently view controller shown will trigger ViewWillDisappear and ViewDidDisappear and the view below (the one with your buttons) will fire ViewWillAppear and ViewDidAppear. Just overload those and update your UI state in there.

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