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I need help how to set the last modified time on a file uploaded (on jsp).
I need to know the time when the file uploaded. This is my code but eclipse says "The method setLastModified(Date) is undefined for the type UploadFile".


 UploadFile file = (UploadFile) files.get("uploadfile");

 fName =file.getFileName();

 file.setLastModified(getthetime());, "uploadfile");
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I think that the method you are trying to use is a method in the API. Change



new File(fName).setLastModified(getthetime()); 

For what it is worth, I'm surprised that this would be necessary. I'd have thought that a file uploader would automatically set the modified time to the current time. (Or more accurately, that it would do nothing ... and let the OS set it by default.)

What FileUpload class are you using?

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im using javazoom.upload the time dont change i index the file and the time dont change that's why i have to setLastModified , and when i try the new File(fName).setLastModified(getthetime()); its work thaaaaank youuu ,sir you are good – Dilllllo Jun 4 '11 at 14:34

Seems like the message by Eclipse is self-explanatory. In the class UploadFile, there is no method called 'setLastModified'. Therefore, the compilation fails.

What is the fully-qualified classname of UploadFile class? Is it something that you wrote or is it from a third-party library?

Once you get a reference to the object, use the setLastModified method in that class to set the time.

You might find it interesting to take a look at Apache Commons File Upload library. It is a well known third-party library that is used to handle file upload operations in Java (see

This link is an example of using Commons File Upload.

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