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I have this question about image compression:

can we compress a series of images such that the next image will only contain the changes from the previous image and so on and so forth ? I was looking for something on the iOS and PC.

any ideas ? (in other words, whats the best way to compress photos for iOS ?)


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as I remember, that's generally how MPEG works – jcomeau_ictx Jun 4 '11 at 4:48
but I am talking about images, not videos... – Ahsan Jun 4 '11 at 4:49
a video is a sequence of images. – Mitch Wheat Jun 4 '11 at 5:15

I understand from the question that you meant every single images have exactly same resolution. If so, consider this algorithm:

  1. Divide every images into fixed blocks (say 8x8).
  2. For each block, compare it with previous image's block. Comparison can be pixel-perfect or lossy.
  3. Encode a flag to indicate block equality (or similarity).
  4. If there is a mismatch, output that block.

If you have enough room in mobile environment, you can further improve compression by implementing these features:

  1. Use a proper bit-wise range coder as entropy coder.
  2. Build a model to handle pixel neighbor-hood. As a naive approach, you can have a look at PNG's filters.
  3. Use quad-tree or similar structures to implement adaptive block size.
  4. DO NOT try to model low-bits. They are highly incompressible.
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