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I have a wcf web service which is configured for JSON. But my data contracts have inheritance chain. I have a datacontract called RequestMessage and two other datacontracts like Derived1 and Derived2 which are derived from RequestMessage. My service contract has a service operation which is like this BaseResponse GetResult(BaseRequest request). I am decorating the servie contract with KnownTypes. This works fine when used with basicHttpBinding(any SOAP based binding). Will this also works when JSON message is passed ?

Will the service able to identify the proper type of object when I send any of the Derived1 or Deerived2 JSON objects?

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You are obviously using polymorphic types. Microsoft's JSON, which is used for WCF, uses a non-standard extension where they add type information in a field called __type. If you add this field, it likely will work.

Details about what value you have to put at the __type key can be found on this MSDN page in the section "Advanced information".

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Thanks @Codo. It is working fine. My problem is solved. –  Prashanth Rao Jun 4 '11 at 15:03

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