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I've got devise working for my User class, and I'm trying to add some CRUD methods to the users controller. I've read about routing for this, and so long as devise_for comes before resources it will take precedences, otherwise you will only be accessing non-existent records via /users/sign_in or whatever. Anyway.

I have my CRUD methods working, and even some resources. Say users have many possesssions. I can view a possessions via /users/1/possessions/1, but when I try to delete it, I don't have access to the Devise current_user method. I could delete by looking up the User with params[:user_id], and then finding it's possessions by params[:id], but that's not really secure if I only want the logged in user to be able to delete his/her own possessions.

How can I use Devise's methods from within my User model's CRUD methods?

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A better practise might be to not nest the possessions route under user, instead have it on its own as /possessions/1 and the in your possessions controller to scope all of your finds by the current_user i.e.:

def index
  @possessions = current_user.possessions

def edit
  @possession = current_user.possessions.find(params[:id])

That way you can be sure that the user will only ever be able to see their own items, and they will receive a 404 if they tried to access someone else's possessions.

Inherited Resources makes this really easy to do, so you can code your controllers like this:

class ProjectsController < InheritedResources::Base
    def collection
      @projects ||= end_of_association_chain.paginate(:page => params[:page])
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That makes sense, except that I'm using Mongoid and want Possessions to be publicly viewable, so as Possession is embedded_in User, I can't access it without going through the root document (User). Also, this really had no effect on the problem I was having and now I think there must be another cause within my possessions_controller in my destroy method, current_user is returning nil. It works in the show method, but not in destroy. Any ideas about that? –  Zac Jun 5 '11 at 5:41

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