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I have an Android application which creates picture albums with annotations, audio and flexible navigation. The application exports albums as zipfiles. An exported album can be shared with other users via email, Dropbox, Google Docs etc. Users can import received albums into the app.

Now I want to implement one-click social sharing: direct one-click upload to a sharing site, see, like, rate and download the albums of your friends.

Of course I don't want to re-invent the wheel and I am sure this can be easily implemented via existing services and open source code. For example, I can install and tweak a social file sharing skeleton on a website (it must be open source or have a rich API because I need to add code to unzip and view the album on the web), or develop a Facebook application, or a combination of both.

Can anyone recommend services, SDKs, libraries and open source code that I should consider? Thanks a lot to all those who reply.

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To answer my own question, this is what I did.

There was no existing service suitable for all my requirement: storing, previewing, rating, sharing. The service that comes closer is http://minus.com/ which offers file storage (any type of file) and sharing with social features such as following and re-sharing to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks, but it does not have preview for this file-type and five-star-rating, which were part of my specs.

My solution is a combination of:

  • File storage on Dropbox implemented via the Dropbox API

  • Preview and five-star-rating via a new dedicated website http://dominolife.com/ with read/write access from the Android app

  • Sharing via the installed social applications such as Facebook and Google+

Note: Since until a few weeks ago the official Facebook Android app did not properly support ACTION_SEND I developed also a built-in Facebook option with the Easy Facebook Android SDK http://www.easyfacebookandroidsdk.com/. However the current release of the official Facebook Android app supports ACTION_SEND well.

All here: http://tmtapps.wordpress.com/

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@GiulioPrisco, Socialize ( http://www.GetSocialize.com ) wasn't around when you originally asked this question, but it should solve some of the problems you were facing. We can't handle the hosting of the album, but as long as you can get past that, we can allow you to define an album URL as an entity in our system and then have users take social actions around it (likes, comments, shares out to Facebook & soon Twitter). Here's a full feature list: http://go.GetSocialize.com/features

Let me know what you think, and good luck!


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