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I am newbie with Cocos 2D, Chipmunk and Box 2D.

I have started basic docs and started to develop games.

Currently I am working with chipmunk.

I stuck at few points And they are as follow.

In my application, there is a player Who kick the soccer ball and ball will move to distance according to force applied by kick of player.

I am confused for ..

  • How do I make players whole body static and can make his one lag moveable to let it kick the ball.

  • How do I calculate force and vector and distance etc.

  • How do i move to next screen if my ball goes to out of current screen.

Please let me know the url from which I can easily get all type of examples for chipmunk application.

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First off, you should learn chipmunk first and then try to solve your problem. I see a lot of people just wanting their problem to go away without actually making an effort to solve it. Here's some google results on Chipmunk tutorials.


About the 3 questions:

  1. If you learn chipmunk or box2d, you can easily go and test different settings, from static bodys to joints to density. Depending on what you want to do, the solution differs. I suggest you look into that.

  2. You can use several functions on each body you register. For box2d, youd use body->getAngle(), body->getLinearVelocity(), and body->getPosition(). With these 3 functions you can calculater force, vector and distance from every object. Im pretty sure chipmunk has something like this.

  3. Really?? PSEUDOCODE: if (ball.position OUTSIDE screen.bounds) nextLEVEL();

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