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I want to launch a bash script when a button is pressed on a website. This is my first attempt:

<button type="button" onclick="/path/to/name.sh">Click Me!</button>

But no luck. Any suggestions?

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are you trying to run the script on the user's machine or on the server? –  Mat Jun 4 '11 at 9:05
on the server. I'm running Debian –  Kevin Duke Jun 4 '11 at 9:17

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As stated by Luke you need to use a server side language, like php. This is a really simple php example:

if ($_GET['run']) {
  # This code will run if ?run=true is set.

<!-- This link will add ?run=true to your URL, myfilename.php?run=true -->
<a href="?run=true">Click Me!</a>

Save this as myfilename.php and place it on a machine with a web server with php installed. The same thing can be accomplished with asp, java, ruby, python, ...

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PHP is likely the easiest.

Just make a file script.php that contains <?php shell_exec("yourscript.sh"); ?> and send anybody who clicks the button to that destination. You can return the user to the original page with header:

header('Location: http://www.website.com/page?success=true');

Reference: http://php.net/manual/en/function.shell-exec.php

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There is a tutorial given over here. It will serve as a good starting point -


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You can do serverside scripting in bash without problem.

Here another tutorial: http://www.yolinux.com/TUTORIALS/BashShellCgi.html

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