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We are using cruise control .net with mercurial version control for continuous integration. I want to get the latest build number in the ccnet dashboard.

While using toroise svn as version control we added <labeller type="lastChangeLabeller"/> to get the latest build number. So while using mercurial hg, what tag should be added in order to get the latest build number? Can anyone help me on this.

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I don't know what it looks like in cruise control (people still use cruise control?!), but from mercurial you can use: hg log -r . --template '{node}-{latesttag}-{latesttagdistance}' to get the string you want. You can exec that and get the value either in CC or in your build scripts.

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thanks for your support. We created a bat file and executed from ccnet to get latest tag – mahesh Jun 7 '11 at 11:27

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