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Is it possible to make a javascript/html mutiplayer game (if I have a server, etc)?

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Yes, it is possible. –  DA. Jun 4 '11 at 10:18
Is html5 possiable? –  Snoob Jun 4 '11 at 10:19

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Rawkets - MMO using HTML5 canvas and JavaScript WebSockets

You can look at its source code: https://github.com/robhawkes/rawkets

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Thanks to html5 –  Snoob Jun 4 '11 at 10:22
nice proof of concept! –  Paul Dixon Jun 4 '11 at 10:45

Sure it is. However such an environment has lots of limitations and is not the very best choice in many situations. Actually, everything depends on type of the game. Chess or some card game? Sure! But real-time FPS? Maybe some day...

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You mean like playwebgl.com/games/quake-2-webgl ? –  Zecc Jun 4 '11 at 11:41

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