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(I tried the C5 forums and the C5 IRC channel, but support is not too good)

Here is the problem regarding Adsense.

When I use Concrete5's Edit Mode, I can see the Adsense ads.


When I Exit Edit Mode, they are blank for the front page.


They do, however, work on a subpage, such as a product page. I cant use more than 2 hyperlinks, so you'd have to browse to a product to see it.

Things I have done:

  • Waited 48 hours, as per Google's recommendations
  • Tried multiple browsers, multiple OS', multiple computers
  • Cleared cache (deep)

Things I have not done:

  • Modify Google's Adsense code
  • Added any Adsense plugins to Concrete5

This is a basic installation. I have simply added a HTML block and pasted the code directly from Google in the HTML editor block of the website. The code has not been tampered with by Concrete5 (as far as I know -- it shouldn't).

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Have you by any chance put the content in between the "isEditMode" condition?

global $c;
if ($c->isEditMode()) { 
   //Adsense code

If so take it out of there :-)

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