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Hi every body I am not professional in mvc3 , i have a problem for validation of child in parent view i have a page for describing product ( called Details ) and have a partial view for commentting on specific product ( named addUserReview ) , i use this partial view in Details view , when a user click on send button for submiting a comment if input data that user entered has problem the result displayed on addUserReviwe page . but i want to errors display in my Details page , here is my code :

 public ActionResult AddUserReview(FormCollection form )

        UserReview userReview = new UserReview();

            // check whether user is Login or not
            userReview.UserName = User.Identity.IsAuthenticated ? User.Identity.Name : Constants.AnonymousUserReviewerName;
            catch(Exception ex )

                return View();

        return View();
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Because of you post formcollection to action you should check form properties manually.

ViewData.ModelState.AddModelError("XXX", form["XXX"], "XXX is wrong");

in View you can show error:

<%= Html.ValidationMessage("XXX") %>

But I recommend to make model and pass model to action. Not formCollection.

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