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Given that the words "uncertain" and "uncertainty" are fairly ubiquitous, it's hard to Google "uncertainty arithmetic" and get anything immediately helpful. Thus, can anyone suggest a good library of routines, in almost any programming/scripting language, that implements handling of uncertain values, as per this description:

Use uncertainty arithmetic to record values that are approximations, for which there is a measured tolerance. This is when we are unsure about a value, but know the upper and lower bounds it can have, expressed as a ±value.

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I believe "Interval Arithmetic" is the more common name for what you're looking for. boost::interval would be my first choice for a supporting library.

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Bingo! Thanks very much. –  boost Mar 9 '09 at 1:57

Have a look at Thomas Flanagan's Error Propagation Java class. The approach it uses is most excellent for handling uncertainty without excess trouble.

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If you are looking for an error propagation module (this is different from interval arithmetic, but error propagation is what is commonly used by scientists), I would suggest that you have a look at my uncertainties Python module. It handles error/uncertainty propagation in a transparent way, and, contrary to many implementations, properly handles correlations between variables.

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for reference, as it's probably way too late for you, I'd suggest BIAS/Profil: http://www.ti3.tuhh.de/keil/profil/index_e.html

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In this case, it's never too late –  boost Nov 15 '13 at 7:59
good then! its features in your case that I see as a user would be that BIAS is a C library, with some C++ features from Profil ; it accounts for computer numerical error ; if your errors are centered, direct access to nominal value ; vector of intervals for multidimensional analyses ; complete arithmetic included (usual operations with the spin of interval arithmetic on intervals, vectors, matrices) ; finally easy to get started with using the first pages of chapter3 of the documentation: a few warnings/informations, and tables of all operations for each type. –  luneart Nov 15 '13 at 10:58

It's not a library, but your question reminded me of an example in "Expert F#" that describes probabilistic workflows:

instead of writing expressions to compute, say, integers, we instead write expressions that compute distributions of integers. This case study is based on a paper by Ramsey and Pfeffer from 2002.

You can read the excerpt on google books.

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I'd probably go about this by declaring a class called UncertainValue, with methods and properties such as (psuedocode):

class UncertainValue
  private double upperbound;
  private double lowerbound;
  private double nominalvalue;
  private double certainty;
  UncertainValue add(UncertainValue value);
  UncertainValue multiply(UncertainValue factor);

I realise this doesn't answer your question in terms of finding a pre-made library, sorry.

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