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I'm trying to compile QVision under Windows as instructed here: http://qvision.sourceforge.net/DownloadAndSetup.html

When I do that, I get the following in Qt Creator:

c:\Users\Medicine - SWEng\Desktop\qvision.0.6.0\common.pri:37:

warning: Unable to find file for inclusion config.pri


:-1: error: File config.pri not present. Read the INSTALL file, and modify config.pri.example to generate it.


After solving the preceding error by renaming config.pri.example to config.pri, I now get the following warning:

c:\Users\Medicine - SWEng\Desktop\qvision.0.6.0\config.pri:43: warning: Unescaped backslashes are deprecated.

This error still remains even though I changed the path to where QVision is saved as follows: INSTALL_PATH=C:\Users\Medicine - SWEng\Desktop\qvision.0.6.0

I'm also getting this warning:

c:\Users\Medicine - SWEng\Desktop\qvision.0.6.0\src\qvgsl.pri:31: warning: Unescaped backslashes are deprecated.

The error I'm getting is:

:-1: error: In module qvmplayer: QVMPlayer binary was not found at: /usr/bin/mplayer . Set a correct path in the MPLAYER_BINARY_PATH variable at the config.pri file

Any ideas on that?


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The error message says what you should do, does it not work? Also, see the page you linked qvision.sourceforge.net/… –  Lukáš Lalinský Jun 4 '11 at 12:30

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Read the install documentation you pointed to:

You must rename the file config.pri.example to config.pri. This file contains several parameters and options that configure the compilation and functionallity of the QVision.

... Open the file config.pri with a text editor, and read carefully the instructions contained in that file about how to tune each configuration parameter.

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Warnings for "Unescaped backslashes are deprecated" are due to the content in variables INSTALL_PATH and GSL_PATH, in the 'config.pri' file. Read for example:


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