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I'm trying to do the screenshot gallery of an app from the AppStore but in a web app in html.

I've actually get it but the problem is that it scrolls REALLY slow.

To do the touch/swipe functions I've used the code from here:


In the example, the div's are scrolled smoothly but not in my site with my div's...

Does anyone know what can be happening? Does anyone know a proper way to do it?

This is my (under-developement) site:


I'm testing it in an iPhone 4.


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I finally solved using webkit transforms (translate3d) instead of using javascript.

The problem was that javascript was taking care of moving the object.

For example, I was using:

testElement.style.marginLeft="newposition px";

That was painfully slow in iOS devices.

Now I use:

testElement.style.webkitTransform='translate3d("newposition px",0,0);

And it works as smooth as it should.

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You should detail the answer a little for future reference, and accept it. –  Soumya Jun 5 '11 at 7:29

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