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This question is like another, except that one is asked in the context of JQuery, which I don't use.

Ajax code on my page issues a POST every ten seconds. Once in a while -- every ~600 requests -- my client code hangs waiting for a response that will never show up.

The code will time out and re-issue the Ajax request, but first I want to clean up everything about the outstanding request: I don't want to leave any vestigial state around to muck things up later.

What is the right way to cancel the outstanding request so that things get properly tidied up?


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Store a reference to your last AJAX request and abort it when you start the next one.

For instance:

var lastRequest;

setInterval(function() {
    lastRequest.abort(); // abort the last request

    lastRequest = new XMLHTTPRequest(); // and the rest of your XHR code
}, 10000);
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