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I have a property declared on a class:


@interface myClass : UIView {
  BOOL doStuff;

@property BOOL doStuff;


@synthesize doStuff;

this class is a delegate of another one. On the other class, I am trying to set this property, doing something like

[delegate setDoStuff:YES];

I receive an error telling me that "method -setDoStuff: not found..."

How do I declare the property on the class, so other classes can read and set them?


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is your delegate declared as type "id" ?
either you declare its true type MyClass delegate in the other class (which points to your myclass) or
declare a protocol that delegate has to implement id in declaration.
Last (but not right approach) is to typecast it [(MyClass
)delegate doStuff].

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Make sure that you’re importing your custom class’s header and that delegate is declared as an instance of that class.

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do I have to import the header? If the delegate is set and is working (and it is, because I can call methods on the delegate), why is the header importing necessary? I mean, If I can access methods on the delegate and the setters/getters are "a kind" of method, why they are not seen by the other class? I don't get it... and btw, I have imported the header and the error persists... –  SpaceDog Jun 4 '11 at 14:07

you could also specify the name of setter function in @property.

@property (nonatomic,setter = setMyDoStuff,assign) BOOL doStuff;
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