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I have index page:

          <%= render :partial => "ev_calendar" %>
        <% Project.events.each do |event| %>
        <%= link_to l(event.published_at, :format => "%d.%m.%Y"), event %>
          <%= event.description %>
       <% end %>


<%= day %>

day - it's a day oncalendar, only a number. How can I make this da like link, after clicking on this link - my page reloaded and first example-code show events only for this day (by created_at attribute).? plz help me

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You can do this:

<%= link_to day, your_path_to_action(:day => day) %>

then you can catch :day parameter in params[:day]. In action you can verify this parameter and do something like this:

Project.events.where(["DAY(created_at) = ?", params[:day]])
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