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In my REST webservice that produces json, I have a method that return an object that contains an array of MyObject. Now I have the problem that when the MyObject[] has only one item in it, it show a single object instead of an array. Example;

If the object has a single item;

{ "myObjectList": { "name": "Test", "value": "Wicked"} }

But if there are more than one items;

{ "myObjectList": [{ "name": "Test", "value": "Wicked"}, { "name": "Test2", "value": "Not so wicked"}] } 

Because the JSON is parsed, and I don't want to check if a variable is an array on the client-side, I was wondering if there is there a way to make my webservice always put out an array as an array?

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Apparently this is a known bug, the solution can be found here;


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It did not work for me ? @MrThys –  AknKplnoglu Sep 30 at 8:46

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