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Do you see something wrong in this insertion??

It does not work for me..

$insSubm = "INSERT INTO cR_Submissions memberID ='".$memberID."', RefNumb='".$RefNumb."', title ='".$title."', CopyRightNumb='".$copyRightNumbWork."', type='".$natureTypeWork."', OtherTitle='".$alternateTitleWork."', OwnershipTransfer='".$textareaPrior."', Status ='".$status."', DateWhen='".$todaydate."', Time='".$NowisTime."'";
$resultinsSubm=mysql_query($insSubm) or die("Error insert Submissions: ".mysql_error());

Am I blind?

Please help


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What's the mysql_error() returning? Also note you are using the alternate INSERT syntax, which may not be supported in your version. – Jason McCreary Jun 4 '11 at 15:09
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That's invalid SQL syntax. The SQL syntax is:

INSERT INTO table (field1, field2, ..., fieldN) VALUES (val1, val2, ..., valN)

An alternative MySQL syntax for this is:

INSERT INTO table SET field1 = val1, field2 = val2, ..., fieldN = valN

You're missing the SET keyword. Check out the INSERT Syntax documentation for more about this.

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Query should be something like...

$insSubm = "
  INSERT INTO `cR_Submissions` (`memberID`, ...)
  VALUES ('" . $memberID . "', ... )";
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change your code with the following code:

$insSubm = "INSERT INTO cR_Submissions (memberID, RefNumb, title, CopyRightNumb, type, OtherTitle, OwnershipTransfer, Status, DateWhen, Time) 
            VALUES ('$memberID', '$RefNumb', '$title', '$copyRightNumbWork', '$natureTypeWork', '$alternateTitleWork', '$textareaPrior', '$status', '$todaydate', '$NowisTime');";

$resultinsSubm = mysql_query($insSubm) or die("Error insert Submissions: ".mysql_error());
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