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this is more curiosity question rather than a problem)

With my Rails 3 application I generate a lots of blocks, which contain div elements. One block looks like this:

<div class="link_div">
        <%= link_to ... %>
        <div class="ranking">
        <%= link_to ... %>
        <%= link_to ... %>
        <%= link_to ... %>

And now Im trying to toggle "ranking" div visibility on mouseOVER. It wasnt so easy, cause I`m a newbie to jQuery. I was trying a lots of css accessors, but finnally I have found a solution look like this:

      function () {
      function () {

So the question is: "Why this solution doesn`t work?":


Alert says that chilren()[1] gives me div object, but it doesn`t have .css() method. Why?

alert($(this).children()[1]) // => "[object HTMLDivElement]"
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javascript/jQuery is the wrong technology for the functionality you are asking here. This can be done just in CSS. You will end up with clearer code that performs a lot better! –  Jan Jun 4 '11 at 17:59

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Why are you doing this in javascript? This is clearly something that belongs in css. You will get a lot clearer code, A better separation between markup, content and behavior and a huge performance gain.


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A pure CSS solution will not work in IE6. I know it's probably not a requirement that it work in IE6 but I was just being safe with my answer. +1 for you as it is a cleaner solution if IE6 support is not required. –  andyb Jun 6 '11 at 23:14
Anno 2011 we can safely assume ie6 support is not required unless it is explicitly specified. –  Jan Jun 7 '11 at 6:22

Here is a demo of a very simple way of showing/hiding the ranking <div> when hovering over the <div class="link_div">

The selector $('.ranking', this) matches all elements with class .ranking inside the current element (the context) and applies the show() function to them.

As others have already answered, your problem is that you have dereferenced the jQuery object with the [1] and you have a raw DOM object. You need to call functions on the jQuery objects in this case.

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andyb, this is an amazing solution!!! Thanks a lot for it!!! –  makaroni4 Jun 4 '11 at 19:08

Because it's an object, not a jQuery object (so, doesn't have jQuery methods/properties).

Try $($(this).children()[1]).css('display','block');

Or, even tidier, just remove the [1]:


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[1] is giving you the div object, NOT a jquery object. .css is a jquery method and must be used on a jquery object.

Try this instead:




and even better, use show() and hide() instead of setting the display.

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