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I'm trying to work with a Galaxy Tab 10.1 on Windows 7 but I'm having some troubles. At the time to debug my apps on the tab, the eclipse not recognizing the debugging device and opens the emulator.

Someone have any ideas about that?

EDIT: I resolved the problem following this link: Thanks to all.

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Do you have proper drivers for Samsung devices? – Alex Gitelman Jun 4 '11 at 17:14
Did you install the drivers for the tab? – Egor Jun 4 '11 at 17:14
How can you usb deubg the galaxy tab 10.1 if it doesn't have a usb port? ( – AlikElzin-kilaka Aug 11 '11 at 16:14
Because it comes with a cable that converts from its port to usb on a computer... – Justin Mar 16 '12 at 16:44

I had similar trouble when pluging my Galaxy tab 101 in a port on my keyboard.

As soon as i plugged into a regular USB port on my computer, all went fine.

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The solutions above did not work for me. The links appear to be out of date. The main article on how to set up for development is at (as mentioned above). This connects to an OEM USB Drivers page at The directions there did not work for me: There is no "Other" item in my Device manager, and I did not find a driver on the Samsung site for my device (GT-80013), only manuals.

What did work was to install KIES as described at That's all I had to do, and it magically appeared. For the record there is now a "Samsung Android Phone" item in my Device manager.

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+1 Richard Lalancette 's comment, make sure the tab is plugged into a USB2.0 port.

Other things that may be issue:
1. Double check that you have enabled "Developer Options" on your tablet and the option for "USB Debugging" is checked.
2. When you connect your tab to your windows pc, you should get a message asking you to accept your computers RSA fingerprint. Click "Ok" to accept.

If all the above has been done and the tab is still not being recognised then you can update drivers for the device, download kies etc etc

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