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When my app is started, I get tiket from server that I use for sign response to server. This ticket (string) I save in database and when I run new response I get this tiket from database and attach to response. All was fine when I run responses from same activity where I save my ticket. I mean that when I am saving tiket, I also releases context of activity where I am executing this actions with database. BUT when I save tiket in one activity, launch another activity and try to get ticket from database in second activity, I get null (rown didn't contain item). So, can anybody tell me, where I'm erred?

I appreciate any help. Thank you.

Here code:

    public long setTicket(Ticket ticket) throws SQLException {
    ContentValues insertValues = new ContentValues();
    insertValues.put(TicketTable.KEY_TICKET, ticket.getTicket());
    insertValues.put(TicketTable.KEY_RESULT_CODE, ticket.getResultCode());

    long result = m_db.insert(DATABASE_TABLE_TICKET, null, insertValues);

    return result;

public Ticket getTicket() throws SQLException {
    String[] columns = { TicketTable.KEY_ID, TicketTable.KEY_TICKET,
            TicketTable.KEY_RESULT_CODE };
    Cursor cursor = getCursor(DATABASE_TABLE_TICKET, columns);

    Ticket result = new Ticket();


    return result;

Here methods where I set access to database:

    public String getTicket(){
    DBAdapter adapter = new DBAdapter(m_context);
    String ticketEncoded = null;
    Ticket ticket = null;
    try {
        ticket = adapter.getTicket();
        ticketEncoded = java.net.URLEncoder.encode(ticket.getTicket());
    } catch (SQLException e) {
        // TODO Auto-generated catch block

    return ticketEncoded;

public void saveTicketFromServer(){
    GetTicketHandler handler = new GetTicketHandler(m_context);
    Ticket ticket = new Ticket();

    TicketTask task = new TicketTask(ticket);
    createTask(task, handler);

And here I have caught null insted of ticket:

        String comment = java.net.URLEncoder.encode(strToEncode, "UTF-8");
    String barcodeId = "4605246006340";
    String ball = "10";
    String sign = account.getTicket();//here!
    CreateCommentTask task = new CreateCommentTask(barcodeId, ball,
            comment, sign);
    //TODO create handler
    HttpService httpService = new HttpService();
    httpService.createTask(task, null);

But in another response all fine:

String sign = account.getTicket();
    try {
        task = new SearchBarcodeTask(searchForm, sign);
    } catch (NoSuchAlgorithmException e) {
        // TODO Auto-generated catch block
    SearchBarcodeHandler handler = new SearchBarcodeHandler(m_activity);

    HttpService httpService = new HttpService();
    httpService.createTask(task, handler);
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Post your code and error logs. –  Mighter Jun 4 '11 at 17:26

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Alright the problem that I see is that String sign = account.getTicket();//here!

The account has to be null. So check what you are doing differently between the two other method calls you mentioned. You are doing something different with whatever account is.

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No-no, instance of account not null. Problem when I try to get ticket. Before I put ticket in table and when I get it for another response all ok. But when I try to get ticket for this response, the table where should be tiket didn't contain any rows. –  user559730 Jun 5 '11 at 8:36
Post your stack trace so I can see for myself what the error is please. –  Austin Jun 5 '11 at 9:00

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