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I am trying to display the same audio file five times for a proof of concept for a friend and the website works fine on my local drive but when i load the site in a browser the htmnl document will come up with five null depictions of the file. I have my site at http://www.knowledgenation.us/CloudCity this baffles me because the code is simple enough

Thisi is where audio will go.

I dont know where to even begin to trouble shoot this little annyoying error.


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What web server are you using? It may not be serving the OGG files with the appropriate MIME Type for the browser? Also make sure your page is using a relative URL for the file rather than an absolute path. –  Justin Niessner Jun 4 '11 at 17:55

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I had to find a proper MIME type for my web hosting company in India. They thought the technology did not exist but I found it by asking a question at the Ogg Vorbis chat room. It wasnt as difficult as I thought it would be to answer. THank you.

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