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I am new to sql, I am trying to "map" data from several tables in ONE database to create ONE table with relational information. For example, I am trying to take data from my tables ps3_productcategories, ps3_categories and "map"/"merge" to the ps3_products table, The previous tables contains all the "category information" needed to map to "correct products".

I am trying to "MAP" the productID to the "correct"=> categoryID=> categoryName=> categoryParent etc.....

Any help would be appreciated


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I suggest you look into views, it may be what you are looking for, although they do not create this in another database they do allow to create virtual tables from existing data.

A database View is known as a "virtual table" which allows you to query the data in it.

See the MySql manpage on views..

And here is a small tutorial on the subject.

If you really need this in a seperate database, you can easily create a view and export the results of that, and import it in other database.

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