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we are looking to automate an MSI generation for a product we are developing. Currently we have MSBuild building out the source to a network location, this is fine for testing but when it comes to releasing the software we will need to wrap it in an MSI.

The software is all .Net bar 1 COM component that will need registered on each machine it gets installed to.

What I was wondering was how to integrate Wix with MSBuild so that a new wix script will get generated along with an MSI that is able to handle fresh and upgrade installs.

Any help with this is very much appreciated.



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Sure, there are tasks in MS Build that can do all you need to build an MSI from WiX. Can you integrate this on a build / integration server?

Newer builds of Wix actually include a file called "wix.targets", which should get you started.

Also check out these fine articles on the topic:

They cover the topic in much more detail and are extremely helpful to get started.

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You should download and install Votive. This will create a Visual Studio project file which you can use with MSBuild to create a WiX-based MSI.

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it is not obvious from that link - is votive part of the wix install? –  Tim Oct 14 '09 at 1:17
Afaik it is included in the WiX installer (if that hasn't changed recently). –  0xA3 Oct 14 '09 at 10:25
do not forget that you can not use it in Visual Studio Express –  Dusan Plavak Feb 5 at 14:02
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There is also a topic in the WiX manual about how to integrate with MSBuild called Using WiX with MSBuild.

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