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I am trying to rewrite my url for generating the seo friendly url. My original url is something like



  • "cat=1" is represents my category and 1 is id of my category name like song,movie etc..

  • "author=3" 3 is the id of singer.

  • "video=4" 4 is the id of track being played currently...

I want to make this url some thing like video_play/song/artistname/songtitle.html

I am trying this code in .htaccess if any one can help me.. Thanks in advance...

RewriteRule /author/(.*)/cate/(.*) video_play.php?author=$1&cate=$2
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Try this instead:

RewriteRule  /author/([^\.]*)/cate/([^\.]*)  video_play.php?author=$1&cate=$2
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