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I want to be able to have post permalinks appear in the root of the site. So, for example, a post with a permalink "hello-world" should appear as "", instead of ""

How would I go about doing something like this?

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I believe that you already have a "slug" field in your posts model. If your post controller has that into account, you just need to add the correct route for instance:

match '/:slug' => "Posts#show"

Otherwise, if don't have the slug in your model, you can use the Stringex plugin. It's an easy way to automatic create slugs for your posts.

class Post < ActiveRecord::Base
  acts_as_url :title

It will create the slug from your title and save it to the slug column.

In the controller you can find the correct post like this:

def show
  @post = Post.find_by_slug(params[:slug])
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Can you chew this for me just a tad more? A request comes in as /post-title/, routes then sends it to the 'show' controller and then the controller should know what to do with it? Simply use params[:whatever] in the controller? – dsp_099 Jun 4 '11 at 21:03

In your routes:

match '/:slug' => "Posts#show"

Then in your controller you could do something like:


Note: you will need to generate this slug value and store it in the Post model.

Also have a look at friendly_id for a tried and tested way of doing this (if you need something more complex).

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