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Below is what I am doing:

For each file in objFolder.Files
  path1 = filesys.getabsolutepathname(objFolder&"\"&File.name)
  Set objFile = filesys.GetFile(path1)
  mdate = left(cdate(objFile.DateLastModified),8)
  If datevalue(mdate) = datevalue(cdate(arrdate(i)))  then
    filesys.copyfile path1, dest1
  end if

the code fails if the file with particular date doesn't exist in that folder.

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Debug it, check objFile is what you think, check value of DateLastModified is what you think? Please comment in some examples of values in your code for us –  BugFinder Jun 4 '11 at 19:24

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here is a suggestion. Maybe it will solve your question; at least I hope this helps.

For Each objFile in objFolder.Files
    mdate = left(cstring(objFile.DateLastModified),10)
    If datevalue(mdate) = datevalue(cdate(arrdate(i))) then
        objFile.copy dest1
    End If
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