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I am trying to create a CvMat data structure using cvMat() in OpenCV.

The last parameter of cvMat() expects a void* to the data.

My data is stored in the following data structure

vector<vector<CvPoint2D32f>> data;

I expected


to work as the last parameter, but the compiler says that it can not convert to void*.

What path should I be taking now ?

Create an array from vectors ? That would waste a lot of time/memory.

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data.at(0) has vector<CvPoint2D32f> type, but you need pointer to the first element of that vector. Try:


Also keep in mind, that vector<vector<CvPoint2D32f>> is not a two dimensional array of CvPoint2D32f. It is more like "vector of references" to one dimensional arrays.

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cool it works. but why? –  nkint Feb 2 '12 at 13:04
Hm, I don't remember why I gave this answer. Maybe there was something more in the question before, that made me think that author wanted to convert only first vector. –  Piotr Feb 12 '12 at 13:50

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