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I have a Google Instant style search script written in jQuery which I want to pull results from a PHP script. I know my script currently needs JSON as the output but I want it to output PHP generated HTML instead. How can I do this?

Here is my code:

        var search=$(this).val();
        var keyword=encodeURIComponent(search);
        var yt_url=''+keyword+;

                    $.each(response.SearchResponse.Web.Results, function(i,data){
                        var title=data.Title;
                        var dis=data.Description;
                        var url=data.Url;
                        var final="<div class='webresult'><div class='title'><a href='"+url+"'>"+title+"</a></div><div class='desc'>"+dis+"</div><div class='url'>"+url+"</div></div>";
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Just use


In your $.ajax call. The result will be returned as plain text, so if you just want to display it you can

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a single:

$("#result").load("filename.html #elementid_inside_filename");  

Would suffice. (unless the file is in another domain)

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