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Ok, I'm sure there is something simple that I'm missing here, but I can't quite seem to find the answer.

I have a modal that I updates both via normal HTTP request and now I'm adding some unobtrusive AJAX with jQuery to process the same request.

After the controller action I have user messages delivered in the flash[] hash (IE flash[:errors], flash[:message]) This is then displayed in on the redirect to page.

My question is: How do I access this flash hash in my respond to .js file? What I want to do is something like:

$("#message").append(ADD FLASH MESSAGE HERE || render a message partial)
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Your jquery code can be treated just like any other (html) part of the partial template. So for your example, you should be able to use:

$("#message").append('<%= flash[:error] || render(:partial => :my_msg_partial) %>')
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You could try something like flash.to_json

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