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I have an unordered list with multiple properties per element and I want to find all elements that have both properties.

var results = $('#mylist').find(function() {
        $(this).attr('data-label') == 'red' &&
        $(this).attr('data-size') == 1;

I attached an example in the link below:


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FYI, find does not accept a function. Maybe you meant filter. –  Felix Kling Jun 4 '11 at 23:25
Just a pointer, but if you're using jQuery you should select jQuery from the select drop-down element on the left of the JS Fiddle demo page... –  David Thomas Jun 4 '11 at 23:26
Good pointer, my mistake! –  Chris Abrams Jun 5 '11 at 1:05

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Just use a single selector:


Example: http://jsfiddle.net/niklasvh/RyR87/

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This worked quite well and made it pretty easy! Thanks! –  Chris Abrams Jun 5 '11 at 1:06

jQuery's find doesn't take a function as a parameter. That's why this doesn't work.

What you need is to construct an appropriate CSS selector. Something like:

 results = $('#mylist [data-label="red"][data-size="1"]');
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