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I've just updated my emacs and recompliled in byte-code some of its extensions. I also have updated some packages like subversion via emacs-updater, as is suggested to me after update. But now i got

Symbol's value as variable is void: cedet-menu-map

There is more fun: if we cut the line loading cedet.el, ECB says

    error: ECB 2.40 - Error: ECB can only be used with 
cedet [1.0pre6, 1.0.9]! Please install it and restart Emacs!

Is there CEDET-1.0.9 anywhere? If it is, where it is?

OS: Gentoo


The use of packages app-emacs/ecb and app-emacs/cedet solved the problem.

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Where did you get these packages from? – Vikas Menon Jun 8 '11 at 14:36
Any news on this one? – Arne Apr 3 '12 at 7:00

Just change the version of CEDET in


to 1.0.9

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Solved this by changing these lines in ecb-upgrade.el


(defconst ecb-required-cedet-version-min '(1 0 2 6)) 
(defconst ecb-required-cedet-version-max '(1 0 4 9))


(defconst ecb-required-cedet-version-min '(1 0 2 6))
(defconst ecb-required-cedet-version-max '(1 1 4 9))

from comments (pasted below) in code this fix seems to be a good one

Convert the version-str VER-STR to the internal version-list format with the following elements of the version-list: 1. Major-version 2. Minor-version 3. 0 = alpha, 1 = beta, 2 = pre, 3 = nothing (e.g. \"1.4\"), 4 = . (e.g. \"1.4.3\" 4. Subversion after the alpha, beta, pre or .

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It seems ECB is currently unmaintained or in hiatus. In any case, it doesn't work with newer CEDET versions. A CEDET version 1.0.9 does not exist.

Regarding your problem with loading CEDET with Emacs 23.3, the development version from CEDET should work fine:

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Still no luck. File error: Cannot open load file, semantic-loaddefs But semantic wasn't ever used or loaded yet. – tijagi Jun 6 '11 at 5:25
It seems CEDET wasn't compiled correctly. I think the CEDET mailing-list would be a better place to get help with this. – pokita Jun 6 '11 at 8:50

You could use CEDET 1.06pre6.

As an example, you can see my configuration here:

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No, i couldn't, see above. – tijagi Jun 8 '11 at 3:05

I have fixes for ECB + fresh CEDET, including CEDET included into Emacs. You can find more in following blog post (install manually from github), or you can install package from MELPA.

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