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Convert string to float in Objective-C

I'd like to convert a string to a float.

/* dict is an NSDictionary to load Preferences */ 
NSString *str = [dict objectForKey:@"key"];

This is where I got. Now I'd like to convert the string value (in this case @"32.0f") in a float, where it could be processed by my application. How can I do this?

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CGFloat strFloat = (CGFloat)[str floatValue];
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That's not a floating point number. The floating point primitive has a SINGLE decimal point, like decimal numbers in arithmetics. –  Sid May 29 at 14:03
SORRY for previous example consider this one :: it skips digits after point eg: NSString * str = @"1.12"; CGFloat strFloat = (CGFloat)[str floatValue]; // 1.0000 please follow this one stackoverflow.com/questions/8011706/… –  asmad May 30 at 11:48
Asmad, I pasted your code into Xcode, ran it, and placed a breakpoint and it works properly - i.imgur.com/kUXigNn.png –  Sid Jun 8 at 3:52
Note that this will return 0.0 if the string is not a number. You'll need an additional check to distinguish from a true "0" string input. –  Stan James Nov 20 at 20:09
@StanJames sure, that's a given. I'm assuming that the user would perform the appropriate checks that should be performed while using NSStrings. –  Sid Nov 21 at 14:56

Just pass the message floatValue to the NSString object. NSString::floatValue

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